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Industrial Maintenance Training

When you attend an AIT Industrial Maintenance training seminar you will quickly notice what we mean by a “hands-on training course.” Participants will do more than pass around components; they design, build, test, and troubleshoot industrial technology that has a direct application to industrial processes. AIT’s commitment is to provide the best training courses using the best training equipment available. Our industrial training immediately reinforces the course material by having the students demonstrate their new knowledge on industrial grade training equipment.

We have intentionally left plenty of space in the workbooks for the industrial training courses we offer. This allows your technicians to have room for plenty of notes to use in their every day work experiences. Participants should come to our industrial maintenance training courses prepared to get their hands dirty.industrial maintenance training

AIT Training and Technology is a leading provider of industrial maintenance training. Our industrial trainers have the knowledge and experience to best instruct your industrial maintenance technician how to be the most effective in their jobs.

We offer industrial maintenance training in the following areas: hydraulics, pneumatics, electrical, mechanical, rigging, welding, machining, basic pipefitting, industrial print reading, math for technicians.

Specifically, our training list includes:

Certified Industrial Mechanic Program
Mechanical Systems
Basic Industrial Hydraulics
Advanced Hydraulics
Basic Industrial Pneumatics
Advanced Pneumatics
Basic Industrial Electricity
Industrial Electrical Controls
Programmable Logic Controls
Basic Pipefitting
Math for Technicians
Industrial Print Reading

AIT also offers a line of self-study industrial maintenance training.

Real Hands-On Training

We at AIT Training and technology firmly believe that the best way to show someone how to do something is to have the participant take an active role in the instruction process. For this reason, our industrial maintenance training courses are designed for hands-on learning. Everyone from the apprentice to the journeyman will appreciate this approach.

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